Kub’s is formed by architects, engineers, offsite construction professionals, designers, interior designers and administration staff. Together, following our own production method, we build houses from start to finish. Customised and with all the details.

The production team coordinates the entire development of the project. It carries out an exhaustive follow-up of each stage, both during the offsite construction of the house and during its implementation on the ground.

Kub’s architects and interior designers help you find the perfect modular home for you, designing and customising it according to your preferences. They advise you according to your family format, your plot of land and your needs.


In Kub’s showroom you choose the kitchen, the furniture and the finishes with the convenience of having them in front of you. Our team of designers, kitchen interior designers, and furniture interior designers presents you with the options that best suit you.


The project design is carried out by the engineering, architecture and interior design teams. After production, the transfer of the modules from the Kub’s hub to the final location is carried out by special transport experts. A task that requires maximum accuracy and that we complete in record time.

Our technical office ensures that budgets are kept accurate and handles all the necessary permits and local procedures. Only the move is up to you. We take care of the rest.

Somos Kub’s by Kit’s.