Customization, quality, speed and 100% turnkey delivery of Kub's prefabricated modular homes.


Building a house nowadays can generate many doubts and setbacks. When will my house cost me? Which manufacturers will build it? When will I be able to move in? What quality will it have? How to carry out all the procedures to build a house? These are some of the main questions that most people who want to build a new house ask themselves and that unfortunately with traditional or conventional construction are usually not answered. With Kub’s this does not happen.

At Kub’s we manage, design and manufacture prefabricated modular houses in a 100% turnkey way so that the process of building a house for our clients becomes an illusion, a comfort and a desire instead of a problem. Through the whole team we offer the possibility to create, design and manufacture high quality prefabricated modular houses with conditions that are not found in the current market. Total customization of the house, manufacturing and delivery time of 5 months, closed price and signed at the notary and most importantly, you do not have to worry about managing any documentation, we take care of everything.

The quality of Kub’s houses does not generate doubts. These houses are manufactured with the combination of well known and existing materials with innovative solutions that allow us to obtain a very satisfactory and efficient result, both aesthetically and in terms of guarantees, sustainability and energy efficiency.

If you want a new house, do not hesitate to choose Kub’s. We will help you, advise you and guide you through the whole process so that you end up having the house you have always wanted to have, fully customized and only in 5 months.

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