The inside of the KUB’S houses implementation


One of the main advantages of the modular prefabricated construction of the KUB’S houses is the manufacture of the house in only 5 months, but the factor that best represents its speed is its placement on the land of the property in just one day. The day before the installation, the only thing on the land where the house will be placed are the concrete foundations of the house and in a few hours the house is placed and installed. Thus, the neighbors in just a few hours pass from not having neighbors to having them, and most importantly, without annoyances of weeks and weeks as can happen with prefabricated houses and even more so with conventional ones.

To put us in context, before the implementation day the foundations have been built on the customer’s land in accordance with the design of the house and in parallel in our facilities and in a controlled way have been manufactured and finished, with all the equipment (kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, furniture, etc.) the set of modules that constitute each house. Once the manufacture of these modules has been completed, the modules are shrink-wrapped in protective plastic to protect them during transport and are placed individually on the gondolas or special heavy-duty trucks. To give an example, the weight range of the modules is usually between 25 and 50 tons each.

From this stage begins the implementation process. On the one hand, the set of gondolas or trucks transport each one of the modules to the customer’s property and at the same time a special crane of heavy tonnage (between 220, 300 and 500Tn) is placed in a strategic position studied inside or outside the land where the house will be located with its corresponding weights and counterweights. Once the trucks arrive at their destination with each of the modules, the protective shrink-wrapping is removed, the crane hooks are connected to the modules and the crane lifts them by means of high precision movements to place them on the foundations in such a way that one module after the other is correctly fitted together to form the final design of the house. The order of placement of the modules will be determined depending on the type of house to be implemented, difficulties or conditions of the terrain or decisions of the team that completes the implementation (Kub’s technical team).

What is clear is that the installation of Kub’s prefabricated modular houses is carried out in just one day.

After the implementation day, the next phase represents the connections of all the modules in order to make the house definitively habitable. The time required for this last phase usually takes between a week or two weeks depending on the type of each house.

In summary and finally, an implementation of a KUB’S prefabricated modular house is an experience that must be lived to really see the complexity that it represents and it is done in just one day. If you want to see some of our implementations, you can visit our Youtube channel and explore more and more videos.



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