Technology in modular homes: Success stories in Girona


The K202000 modular home from Kub’s House is a testimony of how technology and design can come together to create innovative and sustainable modular homes. Located in the heart of Girona, this home is not just a project; it’s a success story that illustrates the potential of modular homes in the modern era.



This home stands out for its smart and sustainable design. Equipped with energy efficiency systems, eco-friendly materials, and water-saving solutions, this modular home is a perfect example of how technology can improve everyday life while caring for the planet.


Custom Design

Every aspect of the K202000 modular home has been carefully considered to meet the needs and desires of its inhabitants. From open and bright spaces to cozy rest areas, the home combines functionality with aesthetics, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability.


Technology al the Service of Comfort

The integration of advanced technology is a key feature of this home. With home automation systems, residents can control lighting, temperature, and security just by pressing a button, offering a comfortable and effortless living experience.


A Modular Future

The success of the K202000 in Girona is just one example of how Kub’s House is leading the way in modular construction. With each project, we demonstrate that it is possible to create homes that are not only modern and attractive but also environmentally friendly and technologically advanced.


The K202000 home is an invitation to imagine a future where technology and design go hand in hand.

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