Sustainable and efficient solutions


The Kub’s houses we offer are inherently sustainable and efficient. The industrialised offsite system allows us to consume less natural resources and energy in their manufacture and, at the same time, reduce the residues generated.

At the same time, the design and materials used in the Kub’s houses manufacturing system allow us to create a building envelope that helps to reduce a high quantity of energy consumption for air conditioning.

In total, this means a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions in their manufacture and a 30% reduction in their use and maintenance.

In conclusion, Kub’s houses are designed considering environmental and energy criteria to contribute to a reduction of the ecological footprint and the well-being and health of people.


Sustainability and efficiency

  • Sustainability

  • Efficiency

  • Eficiencia

  • Sostenibilidad

  • Modular houses

  • Casas modulares