The Catalonia Construction Awards are organised annually by CAATEEB with the support of the Council of Associations of Quantity Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Catalonia.  They aim to recognise the technicians or companies whose work between 2019 and 2020 has contributed to improving quality, management, sustainability, innovation or safety in building construction. The Catalonia Construction Awards go beyond the architectural values of the reference projects and emphasize the quality of the work constructed, the methods and processes of execution and the professional work carried out by the technical teams, which often have a multidisciplinary composition.

In the case of Kub’s, the candidacy “Kub’s House: design, management, manufacture and implementation of a 100% modular house (Vic)” was presented in the Innovation in construction category. In this candidacy were presented all the bases and phases of the process that the entire Kub’s team has carried out during the beginning of 2020 to carry out the design and manufacture of the showroom house.

Finally, and after several months of waiting, last Friday 9th July, the Jury of the 18th edition of the Catalonia Construction Awards received a notification to inform of the selection of Kub’s candidacy among the 101 candidatures and thus continue to opt for the award in the category of Innovation.

In the coming months the jury will meet again to carry out a new evaluation of the selected candidatures to decide the finalists and later in the autumn the winners will be announced.

  • Catalonia Construction Awards 2021

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  • Premios Construcción Cataluña 2021

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