Reasons and advantages to build a modular prefabricated house


Modular prefabricated houses are being imposed on the market not only as a trend or fad but as a result of all the problems, impediments and drawbacks in the current construction sector and for several years now. It is the constructive solution of the future and is increasingly accepted by the professionals of the sector as well as by the consumers themselves.


The lack of skilled labor or industrial workers, the deviation of costs caused by a lack of control and the failure to respect the deadlines are three of the main problems or causes that have caused the trend in the construction sector to move towards modular prefabricated houses. When we refer to modular prefabricated houses, we are talking about modular houses built in 3D or modules built and executed in a strictly controlled environment. In the case of KUB’S, these are executed up to 95% of the total work in the production center or hub and only 5% on site.


The fact of working in a controlled environment such as our Kub’s “hub” allows us to have an exhaustive control of the entire manufacturing process and consequently offer higher quality in terms of construction system, materials and finishes. In addition, the standardization and industrialization of the process allows us to have a very versatile workforce, working in a safer environment, without inclement weather and with better conditions. All these factors have a direct influence on reducing manufacturing times (greater control, planning and fewer trips to the construction site or field), reducing waste and optimizing costs and meeting deadlines and, above all, the final price of the house.


It is for this reason that in KUB’S, apart from being the only manufacturers of fully customized modular houses, we offer an integral management key in hand of the whole process giving the maximum comfort to the clients without having the need of interlocuting with town halls, industrial research and management or manpower, etc. And most important of all, in only 5 months you will have your house built, an aspect unthinkable in traditional construction or in prefabricated or 2D construction.

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