We sponsor CD Borgonyà


At Kub’s we believe in sport, and especially in team sport built on the efforts of all the players. We also believe in proximity and support for initiatives that affect us closely. That is why we are sponsors of the CD Borgonyà football team.

Founded in 1895, Borgonyà is a team that was born when the Coats company, from the Scottish city of Paisley, opened an important textile colony in the Osona region (Barcelona). Hundreds of people from the Paisley area moved to the town of Borgonyà bringing their favourite game, football, with them.

In 1895, the Torelló Foot-Ball Association, made up of Scottish workers from the colony, competed with the Barcelona Foot-Ball Society, in what is considered the first two football matches in history between teams from different Catalan boroughs.

The current CD Borgonyà pitch, built in 1920, suffered severe damage in 2018 due to storms brought by Hurricane Leslie and could be rebuilt thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. At Kub’s, we are proud of the team’s spirit of determination and the sportiness with which it faces adversity

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