New Kub's production centre, 20,000 m2 where we continue growing


The growing demand for Offsite houses and the need to increase our production capacity have led us to move our production centre to new facilities of 20,000 m2. The new “Kub’s hub” is located in Sant Feliu de Buixalleu, very close to Girona.

This change and expansion of facilities allows us to centralize all the manufacturing of Offsite Kub’s houses in the same space, gaining flexibility and speed of execution. We increase our efficiency and productivity to offer an even more agile service. The new building is equipped to make the movement of the houses fast and convenient, while facilitating their transfer to the final site. Precision and safety levels are guaranteed. The entire production process is 100% planned and does not involve our staff travelling to the site, which allows us to meet deadlines exactly.

Kub’s evolves to continue to revolutionise construction.

  • Production centre

  • Facilities

  • 20.000 m²

  • Kub's hub

  • Girona

  • Prefabricated houses

  • Modular houses

  • Offsite