New Kub’s houses: work in progress!


Our “Kub’s Hub” production centre is at full capacity. We have started making new modular homes! These homes are fully customised and only have in common the fact that they are made up of modules. Everything else – from the exterior design to the interior layout, finishes and furniture – is designed to the customer’s taste by the Kub’s team of architects, interior designers and decorators.

Each house is unique, with its own image and character. We are the only manufacturer of modular houses that builds according to the customer’s preferences. That’s why your Kub’s house is nothing like the rest.

In the design phase we draw up the details of what it will be like inside and out; we plan each space and define exactly how it will be equipped. This means we can give a fixed price that we sign before notary to save you nasty surprises in the final cost. The price you sign for is what the house will cost you, and the design you approve is the one only you will have.

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