Modular homes in Spain: Innovation and customization with Kub's House


Introduction to Our Modular Homes

Kub’s House stands out in the Spanish real estate market as a leading manufacturer of modular homes, working closely with renowned architectural firms to offer housing solutions that are both innovative and highly customizable. These homes not only meet individual needs but also adapt to the highest standards of quality and design.


Modular Home Typologies

As pioneers in the field, Kub’s House offers:

  • Compact Houses: Smart designs that optimize the available space.
  • Luxury Houses: Spacious environments with luxury finishes and the latest technology.
  • Customizable Designs: The flexibility in design allows clients to modify everything from the layout to the interior finishes.


Kub’s House Purchase Process

The process of purchasing a modular home with Kub’s House is efficient and transparent:

  • Architectural Studio Project: The architect creates a modular home design.
  • Customization and Adaptations: Adjustments are made according to the client’s preferences, with professional advice from architects.
  • Installation and Assembly: The homes are manufactured in a controlled environment and assembled on-site, reducing construction times and costs.


Commitment to Quality and Customization

Kub’s House is committed to delivering the highest quality products. Each modular home is the result of a meticulous manufacturing process and collaborations with architects, ensuring that each home not only meets but exceeds client expectations in terms of design, functionality, and sustainability.


Accomplished Projects 

Numerous successful projects across Spain demonstrate Kub’s House’s ability to deliver exceptional homes. Customer satisfaction and excellence in each project testify to the company’s leadership in the modular housing sector.


Kub’s House Experience

Kub’s House is more than a manufacturer; it is a strategic partner in the field of modular architecture, dedicated to transforming the way we live. By choosing us, clients are investing in a more efficient and personalized future, with homes that are not only habitable but are true works of modern architecture.

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