The revolution of fast construction: Modular homes in record time


Kub’s House’s promise to architects and clients in Spain and the Balearic Islands is clear: to revolutionize home construction with projects that combine speed, efficiency, and excellence. Our modular methodology not only allows us to build luxury homes in record time but also ensures that every detail reflects the vision and needs of our architectural collaborators.


Speed Without Sacrificing Quality

Thanks to optimized processes and pre-fabrication at our advanced production center, we can offer significantly reduced manufacturing times. This means that architects can see their projects finished faster than ever without compromising on quality or design.


An Efficient Solution for Every Project

At Kub’s House, we understand that each project is unique. That’s why we adapt our modular construction methods to meet the exact specifications of each architectural design, ensuring that each home is as functional as it is beautiful.


Transform Your Vision into Reality

For architects who want to take their projects to the next level, Kub’s House offers the perfect opportunity to explore the limitless possibilities of modular construction. We are here to turn your bold ideas into exceptional homes.

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