Modular design strategies for visionary architects


In the heart of Catalonia, Kub’s House emerges as the leading manufacturer of modular homes, where each project is a challenge of innovation, customization, and architectural beauty. Our collaboration with visionary architects is marked by a shared commitment: to transform residential landscape with homes that not only respect the rich cultural and natural heritage but also embrace the future of construction.


An Innovative Alliance

The collaboration between Kub’s House and architects is not just an agreement; it’s an alliance to reinvent the concept of home.  Here, modular manufacturing strategies allow for unprecedented flexibility, adapting to unique terrains and visions to create homes that are true dwellings.


Technology and Tradition

At Kub’s House, we merge advanced technology with traditional techniques to ensure that each modular home not only meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability but also reflects the personality and lifestyle of those who will live in it. This approach allows us to work hand in hand with architects to turn their most creative projects into tangible realities.


Invitation to Collaboration

If you are a forward-thinking architect looking to expand the horizons of residential design, Kub’s House is your ideal partner. Together, we can set new standards of innovation, beauty, and sustainability in modular home construction. Contact us to start bringing your most innovative projects to life.

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