Misconceptions about Kub's modular homes


The concept of the modular house is a trendy concept that is used in many cases wrongly and without knowledge. That is why we introduce you to some false myths or concepts related to modular homes and more specifically to our 100% customisable modular homes Kub’s.

A modular house is the same as a prefabricated house.

The vast majority of the population and due to the novelty of the modular concept wrongly links the two concepts and it is not the case, there are a large number of differences. The main difference is the fact that in the case of modular houses and more specifically Kub’s houses, the modules are manufactured in 3D completely offsite in a production space far from the site and are then installed on the property. In the case of prefabricated houses, on the other hand, the construction is almost the same as conventional construction, as they are built directly on the property, the only difference being that instead of using bricks or similar elements for the construction of walls,they use 2D panels already made in the factory. The rest of the house is built in-situ on the site. In this way, the manufacture of modular houses, as they are made in industrialised environments, allows a much higher control of the processes, increasing the quality of the materials and finishes, reducing costs, execution times, waste generated and the working environment is much more comfortable for the workers in terms of safety and climate, among many other advantages.

A modular house is a shipping container or construction site container.

In most cases, modular homes are associated with cargo containers, building site containers, etc., but this is not the case. Although many companies do use containers pretending to be manufacturers of modular homes, it is unthinkable to compare these two concepts in terms of construction method, qualities, sustainability, dimensions and customisation. Containers have standard or predefined dimensions, whereas Kub’s modular houses do not have any pre-established dimensions, we make the house to your needs.

Modular houses are less resistant and of lower quality than traditional ones.

Modular houses, at least Kub’s houses comply with the CTE (Technical Building Code) which means that they have the same construction guarantees as traditional houses. However, in terms of materials and qualities, the simple fact that they are manufactured in totally controlled industrialised environments means that they have superior qualities and guarantees to traditional houses, achieving very high levels of insulation and comfort. In terms of resistance, the fact of having to withstand very high dynamic stresses during the transport process requires the manufacture of an oversized structure, which increases resistance even more than that of a conventional house.

Modular houses are limited in terms of design and appearance.

It is true that most companies start with modules or structures of standard or pre-established dimensions that limit the design and distribution of the spaces in the house, but in the case of Kub’s modular houses this is not the case. We do not start from any dimension or volume, we design your house 100% to your taste. Not only in terms of materials, finishes, furniture, etc., but also in terms of interior layout and exterior appearance, being able to incorporate the technological and air conditioning systems you want.

Thus, Kub’s houses are a reality of innovation and a unique solution within the modular house market and the construction sector, offering you the possibility of manufacturing your 100% customised house with qualities and guarantees above conventional houses and with record manufacturing times, between 4 and 5 months.

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