Luxury modular homes in Barcelona: Innovation and customization at your fingertips


In Barcelona, Kub’s House positions itself as the expert manufacturer and builder of luxury modular and prefabricated homes. Each project is a reflection of our commitment to innovation, custom design, and construction excellence.


Kub’s House: Synonymous with Quality and Exclusivity

As pioneers in the manufacturing and construction of modular homes, we understand that luxury is a personalized experience. Kub’s House is dedicated to turning your architectural visions into reality, creating living spaces that define the future of residential design.


Collaborations that Shape the Future

We take pride in our collaborations with passionate architects who wish to build in Barcelona and its surroundings. Kub’s House commits to being the builder that materializes your designs with precision, executing every technical detail of your architectural project.


The Standard in Modular and Prefabricated Homes

We offer an unprecedented standard in luxury homes. Each house is characterized by its adaptability and its ability to harmoniously integrate into any landscape, from the vibrant coast to the serenity of the province’s interior.


Transparent and Efficient Construction Process

Kub’s House provides a transparent and efficient construction experience. For architects and their clients, we are a trusted partner that ensures fluidity at every construction phase, from conception to delivery, with constant and detailed communication.


Homes that Reflect your Vision

Your vision becomes the design of our modular and prefabricated homes. We offer the ability to fully customize your home, ensuring that every element, every space, every finish is a statement of your aspirations and lifestyle.


If you are looking for a luxury modular or prefabricated home in the province of Barcelona, Kub’s House is ready to meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us and discover how your vision and our experience can converge to create something extraordinary.

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