Kub’s Talks with Pep Comas


The Kub’s Talks conversation we had with Pep Comas, Kub’s technical manager, helps us understand the special features and guarantees of the Offsite houses we manufacture at Kub’s.

With this video, Pep introduces us to what he considers to be the most significant advantage of Kub’s houses: the fact that customers speak to just one person throughout the construction process, from design to the final completion of the house. He also points out that the quality is exactly the same as that of a traditionally built house, and even better in the structural part. Kub’s construction system involves high thermal insulation, which Pep describes in detail: the technical studies we have made have allowed us to eliminate thermal bridges and limit the energy losses and gains of Kub’s modular homes to be able to offer high energy efficiency. The quality of the building materials is another factor that Pep highlights. We work with highly efficient materials that have passed the most rigorous tests. These are the same materials as those of traditional constructions, but we use them from a new perspective that Pep is very sure will apply to all the houses of the future.

Press Play and he will show you.

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