Kub’s Talks with Miriam Soler


Today we premiere the second edition of Kub’s Talks, this time with Kub’s architect and project manager, Míriam Soler. Míriam is in direct contact with our clients from the beginning to the end of the project, which gives her a truly clear idea of how they experience the manufacturing process of a Kub’s house.

In this video, she explains in easy terms how Kub’s architectural team understands clients’ needs so that they can design exactly the house they want. She also describes the interior design decision-making process, in which Kub’s showroom plays a key role. For her, one of Kub’s great values is its ability to respond to very different needs of clients in terms of the dimensions and specific characteristics of each home. She believes that the main difference between the process of making a conventional house and a Kub’s house lies in the emotional wear and tear it entails for clients. We imagine you know which kind of house involves the most emotional wear and tear and which keeps clients’ enthusiasm intact from the first to the last day … In any case, she’ll tell you in detail.

Hit play and find out.

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