Kub’s Talks with Eduard Vidal


We are always building at Kub’s. It’s usually houses we make, but this time we’ve shaped a series of videos to break down preconceived notions about the construction activity.

We are launching Kub’s Talks, conversations with members of the Kub’s team and other industry professionals who will show us different perspectives on home design and construction. Their words will reveal what is behind the project of making a house: construction techniques, architectural approaches, the stages of the process and key factors in decision-making. The construction paradigm is changing, and we hope these conversations will show you where it’s going. 

The first of the Kub’s Talks was with Eduard Vidal, head of Kub’s. Inside our first modular house, he explained what Kub’s is and why the company was created. With an agile and very didactic technique, he made clear the differences between the three types of houses that Kub’s builds: traditional, industrialised and modular. He tells us about each of their characteristics from his long experience in the industry. Eduard is sure that the future of construction depends on the industrialisation or offsite manufacture of homes that allows full process control without upsets in timing or budget and guarantees a perfect end result. He believes that the sector revolution has only just begun and sees many changes that will come soon.

Click play and let him explain.

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