Kub's in TV3


On the 8th, 9th and 10th of November the TV channel TV3 broadcasted a report on TN Comarcas and on 324 explaining and showing in a clear and concise way the services and added values that Kub’s offers to its clients with the design, management and manufacture of 100% customizable modular houses.

The video report reflects and evidences the evolution and increase of interest in the construction of modular homes and Kub’s is a clear example showing itself in the market as the only manufacturer of 100% customisable modular homes. It is essential to know that Kub’s designs and manufactures modular houses without starting from any standard dimension or catalogue model and adapts to 100% of the needs of its clients, offering at the same time an integral management of the whole process, providing them with maximum comfort. 95% of the modules are manufactured at Kub’s hub using a combination of innovative and traditional materials, and once they are finished, they are transported and installed on the client’s site in just 5 months. This combination of materials and the incorporation of new construction systems allow Kub’s  to offer very high qualities and guarantees to their clients.

This is a small summary of everything that is shown in the report. Below you will find a link so that you have the possibility to see it.

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