Kub’s en Rebuild


The Kub’s team was at Rebuild, the innovation event created to promote construction that took place at the CCIB in Barcelona between September 29 and October 1. Taking part in such initiatives allows us to learn about the latest building trends and ensures that the houses we build at Kub’s are always at the top level of competitiveness and innovation.

The National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0 organised by Rebuild had a total of 4,637 attendees and more than 260 speakers from the academic, technical and professional world of the building industry. The conferences dealt with the main challenges of the sector in order to face the current situation with new forms of building able to transform the market, being Offsite construction the main protagonist. Sustainability and SDOs were also a major focus of the congress.

Furthermore, our participation in Rebuild allowed us to discover success stories, new materials, solutions and emerging technologies. Training and sharing knowledge is part of our philosophy, which is the only way we can be pioneers.

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