Interest in prefabricated and modular houses increases


The boom in interest in prefabricated and modular homes is a fact and some of the main reasons for this popularity and consolidation have been the COVID pandemic and the changes in people’s habits and the knowledge of the advantages they provide.

As with any new concept, the acceptance and awareness of the advantages that this can bring is often a difficult and costly endeavour and many doubts can emerge in customers. Quality and duration and financing were among the main ones.

In relation to quality and duration, as with any product, there are higher quality and lower quality products. In our case we can guarantee that Kub’s prefabricated modular homes are prefabricated modular homes of high quality design and durability, equal or more than a traditional construction. The main reason for this high durability consists in the use of the same materials as traditional construction but treated and used in a totally different process and in a much more controlled way.

As far as financing or mortgages are concerned, as has been evidenced over the years with the increase in prefabricated construction, prefabricated houses are fully mortgageable and registrable for all those who own land and the requirements for their concession are the same as those of a traditional or conventional construction.

As for the main motivations that have led customers to opt for prefabricated modular homes have been the advantages they provide. Speed, price, adaptability, sustainability, efficiency and comfort among others. Prefabricated houses are usually built in 8-10 months, in Kub’s only 5 months. Prefabricated houses are more economical than conventional constructions if compared equally. Prefabricated houses are more efficient and sustainable both in the manufacturing phase and in their use. At Kub’s we also offer a comprehensive management service that allows us to provide our customers with maximum comfort and flexibility throughout the entire manufacturing process of their house.

In conclusion, the increase of interest in prefabricated modular houses are none other than the advantages (speed, price, adaptability, sustainability, efficiency and comfort) that these offer in relation to traditional constructions, the solution or reaffirmation of the doubts generated in its beginnings (quality, duration and financing) and the changes in habits of the population after the COVID 19 pandemic.

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