New modular house under construction


We are carrying out the first stage of construction of a Kub’s family house in Vic (Barcelona). At the end of February, we installed the modules, and after the confinement period we will do the interior design. The transport and settlement process required half a day, something impossible for a traditional construction and whose great advantage is the possibility to plan and carry it out in record time.

This personalized house has been designed according to our clients‘ preferences. The budget, detailed since the first day, is fixed and will remain unchanged until the delivery of the house.

Once completed, it will be a 140m2 house with a contemporary and functional design. A comfortable home with a quality equal to or greater than the one of traditional homes, built in an industrialized way within the ‘Kub’s hub’, our production space.

We trust that we can finish it as soon as the productive situation allows us. It will be double good news.

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