Implantation of a Kub's modular prefabricated house in Les Franqueses del Vallès


Last Tuesday December 13 KUB’S made another implantation of a prefabricated modular house, in this case in the town of Les Franqueses del Vallès. It is a fully customized two-storey detached house of 252m2 formed from 2 modules of ground floor and 2 modules of 1st floor.

Following the KUB’S process and protocol, once the house was manufactured in the Kub’s Hub or production center, in less than 5 months and the corresponding foundations were done on the client’s site, the house was transported and installed. The day before the implementation, the different modules were loaded and shrink-wrapped in 4 special transport trucks. These modules were already completely finished with all the equipment chosen by our clients such as all the furniture, flooring, kitchen, bathrooms, appliances, etc.

The following day, despite the bad weather conditions, we proceeded to the implantation with the placement of the first module at around 12: 30pm. Repeatedly and in an Express way, the remaining 3 modules were placed, finishing the process around 4:30 p.m. the same day.

In this way, a new and successful implementation of a prefabricated modular house with a totally customized design was completed thanks to the involvement of the entire team of professionals at Kub’s.

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