Implantation of a Kub's modular prefabricated house in Ametlla del Vallès


On Wednesday 15th June a new Kub’s prefabricated modular house was installed in the town of Ametlla del Vallès. It is a fully customized single-family detached house of 176m2 formed from 3 modules of ground floor and 3 modules of first floor.

Having completed the manufacturing process in a record time of 4 months and once the building permit had been approved, the ground foundations were laid on the client’s land and then transported and installed. The day before implementation, in our Kub’s Hub or production centre, the different modules were loaded and shrink-wrapped onto the 6 transport trucks. These modules were already completely finished with all the equipment chosen by our clients, such as all the furniture, flooring, kitchen, bathrooms, electrical appliances, etc.

The following day and once the different modules had been transported to the client’s property, the implementation started at 8:00 a.m. with the placement of the first module. Repeatedly, the remaining 5 modules were installed, finishing the process at around 13:30h of the same day.

Therefore, and without suffering any inconvenience or difficulty, a new and successful implementation of a prefabricated modular house with a totally personalised design was completed thanks to the involvement of the team of Kub’s professionals.

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