Implantation in Torelló


Last October 26th, a difficult but successful implantation of a Kub’s modular house was carried out in Torelló. It is a single-family house of 287m2, two floors and underground garage fully customized formed from 3 lower modules and one upper one.

The implementation process began the day before at the Kub’s hub with the charging and protection of the different modules in the different transport lorries once their manufacture had been completed. The modules charged and subsequently moved to Torelló already incorporated all the finishes and furniture chosen by the clients to carry out the minimum possible work on site. The only thing missing was the placement of the swimming pool and the landscaping of the land due to the needs of the location of the implementation crane.

Having already moved the modules to Torelló on the 25th October, the next day, at first light, the implementation day began. It was a complex installation due to the difficulties of access to the installation site, mainly because of the small size of the streets and the large amount of vegetation and obstacles present in the area. Despite of all these impediments and thanks to efficient logistical and gardening tasks, around 10:00 am the heavy crane began to be set up, which would later, at around 12:30 pm, allow the installation process to begin with the placement of the first lower module on the owner’s land. From this first placement onwards, the whole process went smoothly, accompanied by a high level of expectation from the residents of Torelló. The implementation process itself ended at around 17:30 pm with the placement of the upper module, the largest one with dimensions of 14,3x5x3,60m.

This was the end of a faster than expected installation day with great euphoria and satisfaction on the part of the entire Kub’s team and obviously on the part of the customers present throughout the day. The exterior work is expected to be completed shortly and the customers will be able to enjoy their homes very soon.

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