Implantation in Gurb


After installing a modular house in Torelló was completed on 26th October, the next implantation was carried out in the municipality of Gurb near Vic.

In this case, the implementation was completed in a single day on 25 November under adverse and changing weather conditions throughout the day. The rain was a special guest that made the implantation tasks difficult, mainly due to the conditions of access to the parcel.

In this case, the Kub’s modular house installed in Gurb is a one-floor house of 294m2 made up of 5 fully customised modules of different sizes. The house also has a storage room, terrace pergolas and space under cover to park 2 cars and a large garden and swimming pool.

Aesthetically, the house presents a very elegant and local combination of stone, wood and acrylic mortar materials with warm and comfortable tones.

As usual and as a sign of Kub’s identity, the transported modules were almost complete, incorporating the furniture of the house chosen by the clients and even the façade stone previously placed in our Kub’s Hub.

The installation day was carried out with great expectation despite the adverse weather and ended at around 17:30h with the placement of the smallest but no less elegant module thanks to the natural stone installed on two facades.

Overall, it was a very successful day and a very satisfying one for the whole Kub’s team and of course for the customers who were present throughout the day. The exterior work is expected to be completed shortly and the customers will be able to enjoy their new home as soon as possible.

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