Houses with all guarantees


The houses we build at Kub’s are of guaranteed quality and offer you total security in aspects that are key when buying a house and which not all builders can certify.

20-year warranty
All Kub’s homes, regardless of their construction system, come with a 20-year turnkey guarantee upon delivery. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your home will be covered for many years and that the quality you buy today will remain unchanged.

5 months of manufacture
Kub’s prefabricated, modular homes are ready to move into 5 months after we finish their design. We deliver them to you fully equipped, as agreed during the design phase, and they are finished in record time because we do not manufacture them on site but rather in specific production facilities using the most advanced construction systems.

20% cheaper
Our custom modular homes are 20% cheaper than a traditionally built home. We make them in a production space, the ‘Kub’s hub’, where the project is completely overseen. Thorough control of each stage avoids budget contingencies, as the finishes and all details are decided as construction starts.

Price closed before a notary
At Kub’s we offer you the chance to sign a closed price on your modular or prefabricated house before a notary to guarantee that the final price will not change and there will be no surprises. The price we sign before a notary is what you pay. No more and no less.


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