From conceptualization to construction: your guide with Kub's House


At Kub’s House, we specialize in transforming your architectural ideas into tangible realities. Our focus on modular construction allows us to offer an efficient and personalized process, ideal for architects looking to innovate in their projects. In this guide, we take you step-by-step from conceptualization to the construction of a modular home with Kub’s House.


1– Architectural project

This first phase is carried out between architects or architectural firms that collaborate with us and the clients or end users, and then transitions to the manufacturing process phase with Kub’s House.


Initial meeting and project briefing

The first step in any project is to understand the needs and expectations of the clients. In this initial phase, your ideas, requirements, and vision for the project are discussed. This collaborative work helps the architects create a detailed briefing that will guide the entire execution process of the architectural project and the future construction with Kub’s House.


Defining objectives and scope 

During this phase, the project objectives are established, and its scope is defined. This includes determining the size, style, and specific features you want to incorporate into your modular home. We work hand in hand to ensure that every detail aligns with your vision.


Concept development 

With clear objectives, the initial concept is developed with sketches and models that visually represent your ideas.


Material selection

During this phase, the materials that best suit your needs and aesthetic preferences are selected, in coordination with your architect.


Detailed design and technical plans 

Once the concept is approved, we move on to detailed design. Here, precise technical plans are drawn up, specifying every aspect of the project, from the structure to the finishes. These plans are essential to ensure that all design elements are perfectly integrated during construction.


2– Manufacturing process

Factory manufacturing 

Once the architectural project is concluded between the client and the architect, Kub’s House begins its work. The modules are manufactured in our production plant under strict quality controls. This controlled environment allows for greater precision and efficiency, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring a superior finish that reflects everything previously defined in the architectural project.


3– Transport and assembly

Logistics and transportation 

Once the modules are manufactured, we coordinate their transport to the construction site. This process requires detailed logistical planning to ensure that the modules arrive in perfect condition and on time.


On-site assembly 

The on-site assembly of the modules is a critical phase that we carry out with precision and care in just one day. Our team of experts ensures that each module is assembled correctly, meeting all quality and safety standards.


4– Completion and handover

Final finishes and details 

With the modules assembled, we move on to the stage of connecting and finishing. This includes connecting installations (water, electricity, heating, and ventilation) between modules, and other details that make your modular home comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.


Final inspection and approval

Before delivery, we conduct a thorough final inspection to ensure that everything is in perfect condition and meets your expectations. Once the inspection is approved, your new modular home is ready to be occupied.


At Kub’s House, our mission is to make the modular construction process simple and satisfying. From conceptualization to final delivery, we are committed to working closely with the architect to create a space that reflects your vision and needs. We invite you to discover how we can help you transform your architectural ideas.

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