Exploring innovation in modular construction


At Kub’s House, we are redefining the concept of home with our passion for innovation in modular construction. Our mission has always been clear: to bring value and innovation to the construction sector, anticipating the needs of the future. And it is precisely this future that we are building today, with each modular home we design especially for you.


From the beginning, we knew that in order to build a solid and successful future project, we needed to create our own team that shared our vision. We embarked on a journey of constant evolution, improving our product until we reached the point where we are now. Our main goal has become to be the reference manufacturers so that you, the architect, can design the house of your dreams with the necessary support from our technical office. We take care of manufacturing it, ensuring that every detail reflects your wishes and needs.


Our philosophy: 100% customization

At Kub’s House, we firmly believe that customization is not simply an option; it is the heart of your home. That’s why we offer you 100% customizable modular homes that perfectly adapt to your lifestyle. From the choice of materials to the design of the space, every aspect of your house can be adjusted to meet your unique preferences.


Efficiency and sustainability

We understand the importance of efficiency and sustainability in today’s world. Therefore, our construction processes are based on offsite manufacturing, in our own Kub’s Hub, where we control every stage of the process to ensure maximum quality. This approach not only allows us to offer unmatched delivery times of just 5 months, but also ensures that each house is efficient, sustainable, and, of course, environmentally friendly.


Innovation at the service of comfort

Our proposal goes beyond building houses; we seek to innovate in every project to offer you a home that is not only beautiful and functional but also capable of adapting to life’s changes. Kub’s modular homes offer the possibility of being expanded or even moved, providing you with unprecedented flexibility.


At Kub’s House, we are excited about the future we are building, a future where every home reflects the personality and dreams of its inhabitants. Through innovation, customization, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, we are not just designing houses, but creating spaces where life can be fully lived. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards the future of housing.



Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Can I really customize every aspect of my modular home?

Absolutely. At Kub’s House, your imagination is the limit. We accompany you at every step of the design process to ensure that every detail reflects your personality and lifestyle.


  • How long will the construction of my modular home take?

Our modular manufacturing process allows us to offer you a home in just 5 months, without compromising quality or customization.


  • How do you ensure sustainability in your projects?

We commit to the environment through sustainable construction practices, using eco-friendly materials and ensuring that each house is energy-efficient.

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