Design and modular construction: a guide for architects in Spain


Modular construction has become an innovative and efficient solution in the field of architecture. At Kub’s House, we understand the importance of this approach and how it can benefit both architects and end clients. This article offers a detailed guide for architects in Spain who wish to explore the opportunities and advantages of modular construction.


What is Modular Construction

Modular construction involves the manufacturing of modules (at Kub’s House, fully equipped and finished) or sections of a building in a controlled factory environment, which are then assembled on the final site. This methodology allows for superior quality control, greater efficiency in resource use, and a significant reduction in construction times.


Advantages of Modular Construction

Efficiency in Construction Times

One of the greatest benefits of modular construction is the reduction in delivery times. While the modules are being manufactured at the production plant, the site can be prepared simultaneously, significantly reducing the overall project timeline.


Quality Control

In a controlled factory environment, each module undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure the structural and aesthetic integrity of the project. This minimizes errors and rework on the construction site.



Modular construction generates less waste and allows for more efficient use of materials. Additionally, it facilitates the incorporation of sustainable technologies, such as renewable energy systems and recycled materials.


Flexibility and adaptability

Modules can be designed to accommodate various configurations and future expansions. This flexibility is ideal for projects that may need modifications or expansions in the future.


Phases of the Modular Construction Process

Project Design

The process begins with a detailed design phase, where architects collaborate with Kub’s House to develop plans and specifications that align with the client’s vision.

  1. Client Collaboration: Understanding the client’s needs and expectations is crucial to create a design that meets their requirements.
  2. Development of Plans and Specifications: Architects and designers work closely to develop precise and detailed plans and the entire architectural project.

Module Fabricatioon

Once the design and architectural project are finalized, the modules are manufactured in a controlled installation, using high-quality materials and advanced techniques.

  1. Material Selection: Durable and sustainable materials that meet quality and efficiency standards are chosen.
  2. Fabrication Process: The modules are built following the approved plans, ensuring precision and consistency.

Transportation and Assembly

The finished modules are transported to the construction site and quickly assembled, reducing on-site construction times.

  1. Logistics and Transport: Careful planning of shrink-wrapping and special transport to ensure that the modules arrive at the site undamaged and on time.
  2. On-site Assembly: The modules are assembled with high-tonnage cranes according to the plan, ensuring perfect and functional integration.


Collaboration Between Architects and Kub’s House

At Kub’s House, we believe in close collaboration with architects to carry out successful modular projects. Our expertise and advanced technology enable us to transform architectural visions into tangible realities.


Technical and Logistical Support

We offer comprehensive technical support and logistical services to ensure that each project runs smoothly.

  1. Technical Consultancy: Advising on all project phases to optimize design and construction.
  2. Logistical Management: Efficient coordination of the transportation and assembly of the modules.

Customization and Tailor-Made Design

Each project is unique, and at Kub’s House, we work to ensure that each design reflects the architect’s and the client’s vision and needs.

  1. Customized Designs: Adapting modules to the specific requirements of each project.
  2. Design Flexibility: Posibility of modifying and costumizing modules to meet the client’s expectations.

Modular construction represents an exciting and efficient opportunity for architects in Spain. At Kub’s House, we are dedicated to facilitating this process, offering technical support, logistical solutions, and an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability. We invite you to explore the possibilities of modular construction with us and to transform your architectural projects into tangible and lasting realities.

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