Homes ready to move in


One of the great added values of Kub’s modular houses is that their price is invariable once we have fully defined the project in the design phase. We detail everything from the distribution to the elements, materials and finishings of all the rooms, to be able to give you a closed estimate with no surprises.

This way you know the exact price of your house, with all the elements chosen and all the packs you want to add. You can equip it as you have always dreamed: with the interior design that best suits you, the most efficient energy system or the advantages of a smart home programmed to your needs.

You see that we not only build your house on the outside, but we also equip it on the inside. Our team of interior designers and decorators will design the project to your liking and will arrange every detail so that the day we deliver it to you, you will be able to move in at once. You will enjoy it from the very first moment, because when you have a new home built, there is no time to lose.

The “who knows when” settling in is a thing of the past. Kub’s is about buying, building and living.

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