Adaptation and industrialization of any architectural project to the KUBS system


At KUB’S we always adapt and look for excellence and the best solution for our clients. Thanks to our own complete multidiscinplinary team, we can carry out an integral management of the whole process, from beginning to end. This does not mean that the KUB’S process or construction system is limited and excludes the collaboration or adaptation of alternative architectural projects. Furthermore, the wide versatility and flexibility offered by the KUBS construction system allows the adaptation of any project or architectural proposal.

KUB’S, being the only manufacturer in the market that designs and manufactures fully customized prefabricated modular houses without starting from any catalog or standard models, allows us to completely adapt to all needs, in terms of volumetry, morphology, layout, interiors, materials and finishes. Definitely, total creativity for architects and designers to carry out the proposal or architectural project.

In the case of any external architectural proposal or project, our team, thanks to its talent, excellence and experience, advises the client and/or architect in order to satisfy all their needs and desires and adapt them to our modular system. As it is a very innovative and unique system in the market, it generates many questions and issues to clients and architects. It is for this reason that the whole of our team advises, answers and solves all these aspects quickly and efficiently. Among the common questions and issues that usually arise, here is a brief summary:

1. What are the maximum module sizes?

For logistical and transport reasons, the maximum width is 5m and in terms of length we can design and manufacture modules over 17m long. The key point that will determine the maximum dimensions of the modules is the accessibility study that we carry out before starting any project to find out what access possibilities exist to the land owned by the client. We also clarify that the design of the house is generated from 0 without having any pre-established module size and therefore the possibilities of creation are infinite.

2. Is the design of all the houses with a flat roof?

The construction system used for the roof is always DECK type, that is, flat roof. In case the regulations require another type of roof, other types of roofs will be evaluated and studied exceptionally.

3. Is the foundation the same as in a conventional house?

Yes, it is the same as in a conventional house. In any case, each terrain will determine the type of foundation to be carried out.

4. What house designs can be created?

Any house design, the construction system adapts to any morphology.

These are some of the questions most frequently asked by clients and architects and which are not an impediment when designing a KUB’S prefabricated modular house.

After all, the construction system of KUB’S prefabricated modular houses is so versatile that it can be adapted to any design, proposal or conventional architectural project and thanks to the advice of the whole team, it is possible to develop very creative projects that adapt to any of the needs that our clients may have.

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