100% mortgageable modular houses


To buy a Kub’s modular home, you can simply apply for a mortgage from your bank. We guarantee that our houses are 100% registrable and mortgageable, just like traditional houses. These are houses that, once manufactured, are moved to their final location, where a foundation designed in accordance with current regulations will have already been built.

Our homes meet all bank requirements for a mortgage to be given for the purchase:

– They include a work project approved and signed by a registered architect.
– They have a municipal licence that we ourselves process.
– They are located on urban land.
– They are anchored to the ground through foundations.
– They are registered in the Property Register.

Thanks to our industrialised manufacturing process at Kub’s, each project is entirely traceable, so as a customer you can be sure that the mortgage you apply for is for a home with all the guarantees.

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