We have a showroom where you can check materials, kitchens, furniture and all kinds of accessories of our houses. Products that convey warmth, functionality and comfort.


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Kub's hub

The ‘Kub’s hub’ is our production space specifically set up for manufacturing the fully finished modules. We manufacture the houses in an optimal environment, with levels of precision, safety and speed unimaginable in a conventional house.


You have to configure a house to make a visit via the option offered at the end of the process. The house is in C. Tortosa in the city of Vic.


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In our studio we create and customise Kub’s houses. Up-to-date, modular, with a multitude of materials and equipment. Fill out our form and let’s talk.

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In Kub’s we deliver the houses fully equipped. Up-to-date spaces that our interior designers form with timeless design furniture, current materials and pure lines that do not go out of style.

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