From Kub's we offer the maximum comfort and quickness to the client thanks to the total management of the work (management, fees, interior design project, construction, furniture and lighting among others).
The fact of having such an exhaustive control allows us to have a very high precision of costs avoiding any type of deviation and giving the maximum security and confidence with the signature of a closed price.
The centralized construction of the houses in our manufacturing facilities allows us to use more efficient and controlled industrial manufacturing techniques, processes and procedures that allow us to have the house manufactured and installed in a few months.
We are the only manufacturer in the market that offers a totally versatile and flexible modular construction system without predefined dimensions or modules. This allows us to offer the maximum freedom to the client to decide all those aspects related to architecture, design, rooms, finishes, shapes, materials, etc. with the best advice from our professional team.
"The Kub's houses we offer are intrinsically sustainable and efficient. The offsite industrialized system allows us to consume less natural resources and energy in their manufacture and, at the same time, reduce the waste that is generated.
At the same time, the design and materials used in the Kub's manufacturing system allow us to create an envelope in the building that favors a high reduction in energy consumption for air conditioning. All of these factors allow us to offer Class A energy rating homes. "
To purchase a Kub's modular home, you can ask your bank for a mortgage without any problem. We guarantee: our houses are 100% registerable and mortgageable, just like traditional construction. They are houses that are moved, once manufactured, to their final location, where a foundation designed in compliance with current regulations will have already been built.
Kub's construction system has been thought and designed to offer you the ability to easily expand the house and adapt to the changes in your life according to your needs.
High quality and durable homes built with the most advanced and centralized construction systems, with guarantees from KUB's professional architectural and design team.
Conventional houses
Modular houses
The price of a conventional house varies constantly. The construction costs are much higher than in a modular house and moreover, the purchase price of the house is partial, since once acquired, the costs of furniture, lights, curtains and accessories have to be added. They are more expensive houses, more difficult to build and have indefinite delivery times.
Custom-built modular homes allow 20% savings on the total building cost of a house. By assembling the house at a warehouse, the supervision of the project is complete, without meteorological surprises and with an exhaustive control over the delivery. In addition, Kub’s offers you, including in the same price, the fully equipped house.

Quality memory

All Kub’s houses are based on high quality standards and aim at finding a balance between the functionality needed for daily living, the comfort of the materials chosen for comfort and wellbeing, and the aesthetic value provided by the design, that gives personality and makes a difference.